Panic attacks/anxiety

Panic attacks online programme, with personal support from myself, is now available, and used successfully by hundreds of sufferers. It is suitable for those who find it difficult to attend appointments or who live too far to see me face to face. You can read more about it here.   

If you prefer, you can get more information on 077 8215 8008 or email

” I’d seen a fair few therapists before Vince, and none quite matched up to him. I used to have severe anxiety – I’d wake up with morning anxiety, I couldn’t do simple things like take public transport alone or go shopping alone and I would be in a constant state of fight or flight. It is the only state I was familiar with. I can now do things like take transport on my own, go shopping on my own, I’m no longer constantly anxious. I enjoy my life significantly more than before I started working with Vincent. If you are like me and have tried several therapists to help you with anxiety, then I cannot recommend Vincent enough. He has honestly changed my life and I dread to think where I would be in my life without his help! Thanks for everything Vincent”