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One single face to face session 

This is for a single session of therapy with Vincent Benedict.  Please speak to me first on 077 8215 8008 to make sure I am able to help you, and that I have an available slot.


Weight Loss Single Session 

For those who prefer to have weight loss sessions on a casual basis.


Make me Sleep - mp3 digital delivery

If you are having problems sleeping, just go to bed and listen to this recording on a cd, or download it to your phone.   Play it regularly and watch your sleeping problems drifting away...


Skype/phone panic attack support

1.   One session of support for panic attack/anxiety sufferers.   This session is to discuss your issues and explain what is happening to you.   You will be given advice about how to tackle panic attacks.   After payment, please contact Vincent Benedict by phone on 077 8215 8008 or benedict449@btinternet.com to arrange a time for the therapy.   If you wish to use Skype, my contact is vincent.benedict449

2.   If you wish to have the full online panic attack therapy, which includes mp3 recordings for you to listen to, please sign up at www.panicattacktherapist.com

3.   For face-to-face therapy, please contact me for costs etc. 077 8215 8008.


8 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss (face to face)

8 sessions with Vincent Benedict.   This is the best weight loss package around at this price.


VIP Weight Loss Package

3 months of intensive personal coaching from myself and also sessions with a top fitness coach/nutritionist.


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