Treating stress, anxiety and panic attacks in Thanet, Canterbury and all other areas in Kent. New programme also available online.

Stress is about feeling out of control.  This feeling is often brought on by events that are not planned and cause us to feel disharmony in some way.   The Oxford English Dictionary defines stress as "demand on a physical or mental energy".  The very next word in the dictionary is "stress disease",  which is summarised as follows: "disease resulting from continuous mental stress."

Some of the mental symptoms induced by stress include anxiety thanet
anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, fears, depression,
mental fatigue, and nervous exhaustion.   Physical symptoms
induced by stress can include tension in the body, sweating,
neckache, backache, tiredness and irritable bowel.   Extreme,
prolonged stress can lead to premature ageing, hormonal
imbalances, high blood pressure, migraines, weight issues
and more.

Minimising stress in your life is vitally important for your mental
and physical well-being.   There are many ways to deal with
stress, and different situations can cause stress for different

If you feel that you are on a train journey to self destruction and
want to get off, then give me a call and let me help you get back
the life you want.   Until we meet, please take the time to listen
to the mp3 recording on my homepage, to help you relax.

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